Warehouse Specialist



Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Posted on Monday, July 8, 2024

主要职责/Key Responsibilities

1. 负责仓库日常运作,规范仓库的收、发等各流程按标准执行,满足客户需求。可以完成对仓库管理员的指导。Responsible for the daily operation of the warehouse, standardizing the warehouse's receiving and shipping processes and executing them according to standards to meet customer needs. Guidance to warehouse keepers can be completed.

2. 协助组织制度订并不断完善业务流程、管理制度;并能在指导下修订和优化仓库的SOP。提出合理化建议和改进措施以符合质量体系的要求,指导并跟进员工TIER1 会议的改善项,并提报TIER2 会议。Assist in formulating organizational systems and continuously improving business processes and management systems; and be able to revise and optimize warehouse SOPs under guidance. Propose rational suggestions and improvement measures to comply with the requirements of the quality system, guide and follow up on improvement items in the TIER1 meeting of employees, and report to the TIER2 meeting.

3. 能够在工厂范围内(含供应商)进行有效的跨部门沟通,参与和解决业务过程中的异常情况。能够配合质量的调查,对于相关部门的调查提供支持和建议。Able to communicate effectively across departments within the factory (including suppliers), and participate in and resolve abnormal situations in the business process. Able to cooperate with quality investigations and provide support and suggestions to relevant departments for investigations.

4. 负责库区的整理、确保符合EHS、5S 的各项要求。Responsible for organizing the warehouse area and ensuring compliance with EHS and 5S requirements.

5. 处理SAP 系统账务问题,确保系统中各类物料账务信息的准确性,挖掘系统功能,提供各类数据分析报表,能对数据进行初步分析。Handle SAP system accounting issues, ensure the accuracy of various material accounting information in the system, explore system functions, provide various data analysis reports, and be able to conduct preliminary analysis of data.

6. 监督仓库盘点,确保账、物相符。Supervise warehouse inventory to ensure that accounts and items are consistent.

7. 监督完成各项重大审核的准备工作。Supervise the completion of preparations for various major audits.

8. 协助完成仓库OpEx work stream 目标项目,并获得黄带认证。能指导跨部门RCA。Assist in completing warehouse OpEx work stream target projects and obtain Yellow Belt certification. Able to guide cross-department RCA.

9. 能独立进行应急设施检查,提出应急方面的持续改进意见。Able to independently inspect emergency facilities and put forward suggestions for continuous improvement in emergency situations.

协助主管对业务流程的执行进行有效监控,完成各项业务操作及临时性工作任务。Assist supervisors to effectively monitor the execution of business processes and complete various business operations and temporary tasks.

11. 通过适当的培训和/或认证,可以操作物料搬运设备,例如叉车或其他自动化设备。May operate material handling equipment such as forklifts or other automated equipment with appropriate training and/or certification.

12. 可以处理库存转移、材料请求、上架和配套。 可根据需要装载和/或卸载卡车。May process stock transfers, material requests, put-away and kitting. May load and/or unloads trucks as required.

任职资格/Job Requirements


持物流相关证书优先Logistics-related certificates preferred

外语技能/Foreign Language Skills:

基本的英语阅读能力Basic English reading skills

计算机软件技能Software Skills:

熟练掌握办公软件(word, excel, PPT等软件)、ERP的操作技能。Proficient in operating skills of office software (word, excel, PPT etc.) and ERP

工作经验或专业背景/Work Experience or Professional Background:

3年仓储相关工作领域的经验,懂得可视化、5S等现场管理工具的运用优先。3 years of experience in warehousing-related work fields, knowledge of the use of frontline management tools such as visualization and 5S is preferred.

教育背景/Education Background:

大专及以上学历,物流、财务等相关专业优先College degree or above, logistics, finance and other related majors are preferred


具有较强的沟通能力;有团队合作精神;具备一定的分析、判断能力;具备现场管理能力;具备良好的职业道德水平;具有安全质量意识。Have strong communication skills; teamwork spirit; certain analysis and judgment abilities; frontline management capabilities; good professional ethics; safety and quality awareness.