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Posted on Saturday, February 10, 2024

We are looking for a Systems Modelling & Simulations Expert to join our team in the UK.

As experts in the field our team implements Process Systems Engineering, Modelling and Simulations approaches on medicines in development to increase understanding and greatly reduce labor, materials and time required to identify commercial manufacturing processes. The team provides support to the entire GSK portfolio across on Small Molecules Drug Substances and Drug Products, Biopharmaceuticals and Vaccines.

The Systems Modelling & Simulation Experts also support upskilling project team members to expand the use of models and simulations, as well as work with internal and external technical experts to develop and maintain core simulation software platforms. We also champion the integration of new ways of working into existing pharmaceutical “Quality by Design” workflows (eg; Process Design, Control Strategy Identification, Risk Assessment), regulatory filing strategies, and product life-cycle support.

Key Responsibilities (include):

  • Develop and deploy Process Systems Engineering, Modelling and Simulations approaches to the diverse GSK portfolio across small Molecules Drug Substance, Drug Product, Biopharmaceuticals and Vaccines.

  • Pioneer and develop novel approaches including but not limited to mechanistic modelling, systems modelling, multiscale modelling (e.g. Computational Fluido Dynamics).

  • Translate mathematical models to computer models using software platforms (e.g. gPROMS, DynoChem, Ansys, COMSOL) or by developing custom solutions (e.g. in Matlab, Python, etc.)

  • Use engineering, chemical, biological or materials science knowledge to postulate mechanisms for physiochemical and biological processes and develop or modify existing mathematical models to describe those mechanisms.

  • Package models into web applications to ensure accessibility and support to the development of colleagues in engineering, chemistry and formulation science on the use of modelling tools.

  • Develop and maintain key modeling platforms (e.g. gPROMS for systems modelling, Matlab for web applications).

  • Direct experimentation and the analysis required to develop models and assess their credibility (e.g. parameter estimation).

  • Stay current with new modeling techniques through external publications and conferences and academic and pre-competitive collaborations.

  • Leverage external expertise and funding through alliances and academic collaborations to identify, develop and internalize novel modelling approaches for process development.

  • As part of a matrix process development team, use Process Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulations to efficiently deliver team priorities, including but not limited to Process Design, quantitative Risk Assessment, Identification of Critical Process Parameters / Design Space and implementation of advanced process controls.

  • Provide and coordinate training and real-time support to expand the use of modeling (simulations) across the Development and Manufacturing environments.

  • Work closely with the Subject Matter Experts in Pharmaceutical Quality by Design, regulatory and Information Technology to integrate process modelling into process development routine ways of working and drive cultural changes in the adoption of Digital, Data and Analytics across the organization.

  • Advocate and comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Data Integrity requirements for recording experiments and associated data and authoring technical reports including scientific peer review and data checking.

  • Provide input to budgets, recommend capital purchases of software supporting modeling.

  • Comply with requirements on Safety, Quality for the Patient and GSK policies and procedures (sites and department).

Location: We are flexible (to some extent) on location. Successful applicants can work from our Ware, Stevenage or Head-Office (London) locations.

About You:

We are open-minded about your level of experience (we encourage recent graduates as well as more experienced applicants to apply), but we are seeking people who are passionate about simulation and modelling solutions.

CLOSING DATE for application: Monday 26th of February 2024 (COB).

Basic Qualifications:

  • Vocational / higher level qualification in a relevant discipline (eg; MSc, PhD, etc) with an emphasis on development and implementation of process models and simulations.

  • Ability to translate mathematical models into computer programs (eg; using Matlab, Python, gPROMS or similar software tools).

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with engineering software (eg; gPROMS, Dynochem, Ansys, COMSOL) and with programming languages (eg; Python, Matlab).


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