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Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Posted on Sunday, February 11, 2024
Would you like to join an international team working to improve the future of healthcare? Do you want to enhance the lives of millions of people? Grifols is a global healthcare company that since 1909 has been working to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. We are leaders in plasma-derived medicines and transfusion medicine and develop, produce and market innovative medicines, solutions and services in more than 110 countries and regions.

POSITION DESCRIPTION Position Title: Physician Substitute

Reporting To (Supervisor)

Manager, Plasma Center


Prometic Plasma Resources Inc.


Plasma Center


Winnipeg, MB

Primary Function And Purpose

Responsible for those duties necessary to determine donor suitability, supervision of adverse reactions, counseling of unacceptable donors and ensuring that safe and acceptable medical/laboratory practices are observed at all facilities.

Subordinate Position(s)

Number of subordinate position(s):


Principal Responsibilities

  • Perform medical histories and physical examinations of normal healthy donors and non-infectious disease state donors when such donors meet the criteria for normal plasma donors.
  • Provide a thorough and clear explanation of all relevant informed consents and AIDS educational material, which includes high-risk behavior information.
  • Give the donors the opportunity to self-exclude in a private setting.
  • The physician substitute cannot access donor suitability for continued donation in the case of abnormal laboratory test results except applying a deferral pending the physician’s evaluation and review.
  • Evaluate and follow-up on donor reactions and initiate emergency medical procedures as needed.
  • Refer unstable donors to medical facilities as necessary via appropriate medical supervision, such as ambulance or paramedical services.
  • Perform periodic reviews of laboratory data and collections records to determine the donor’s continued safety and suitability.
  • Provide counseling for donors with unsuitable test results.
  • Administer RBC immunizations under the direct supervision of the licensed physician. The physician substitute cannot prescribe immunizations.
  • Supervise and/or administer vaccines to donors participating in immunization programs other than RBC immunizations. The physician substitute can prescribe immunizations.
  • Act as liaison between the plasma center and the medical community.
  • Notify the center physician as soon as possible of any moderate and/or severe donor reaction. Follow-up on minor reactions.
  • Under no circumstances is the physician substitute to treat donors or donor center staff for any illness or injury not directly related to the plasmapheresis procedure.
  • Other related duties/responsibilities as required or assigned by the supervisor.


  • Must be qualified as a Nurse Practitioner (NP), Physician Assistant (PA), Registered Nurse (BSN or RN), Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse (LPN or LVN), Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and hold a current license or certificate in the province in which the facility is located.
  • Current certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is required.
  • Customer Service and Phlebotomy experience with excellent proficiency in blood draws.

Other Requirements

  • Demonstrated exceptional customer service skills and ability to create a positive donor experience.
  • Understanding of health care and business demonstrated in an ability to promote Prometic services and build client/donor relationships.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team valuing respectful relationships.
  • Conscientiousness.
  • Good organization of work and time.

Working Conditions

  • Highly regulated office and laboratory workplace.
  • Maintaining a professional demeanor while handling emergencies and stressful situations.
  • Handling of blood and blood fluids and potential occupational exposure.

Physical Requirements

  • Possible assisted lifting of adult donors, which requires flexibility and good body mechanics.
  • Reaching and handling equipment and supplies up to 50 pounds requiring flexibility and good body mechanics.
  • Be able to work in a cold environment (minus 35 – 40 ˚C) for short periods of time.
  • Considerable walking, stooping, standing throughout the day.
  • Visual acuity, good eye/hand coordination, hand dexterity.


  • Must execute precision work.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Organize/coordinate, analyze/interpret, calibrate precise measurements, problem solve, make decisions, supervise, plan, communicate, prepare written communications, and prepare transaction documents.


  • Must comply with all Health & Safety and Quality Standards and Procedures established by the Company's Policies and in accordance with the requirements of relevant legislation and any regulatory bodies at all times.
  • Must have read, understood and comply with the Company’s Health & Safety Manual, Policies and Procedures and to implement these, at all times, to ensure both the employee’s own safety and the safety of those who may be affected by the employee’s actions or omissions, if applicable.
  • Must comply with any procedures for the recording of inventions to ensure that the future business interests of the Company are protected, if applicable.

Quality Information System

  • Must have a detailed awareness of the Quality Management requirements relevant to the position as well as of the potential effect of actions on the quality assurance process for the final product (material of service).
  • Must demonstrate a basic understanding of Quality Management System on site, if applicable.
  • Must be aware that information regarding the quality assurance process can always be sought at any time by the Quality Assurance (QA) Department if and when needed, if applicable.
  • Must be aware that all information generated in the course of the position is subject to audit by the Quality Assurance (QA) Department if and when needed, if applicable.
  • All employees have a responsibility to highlight any possible quality improvement in their areas of activity.

Third Party Agency And Recruiter Notice

Agencies that present a candidate to Grifols must have an active, nonexpired, Grifols Agency Master Services Agreement with the Grifols Talent Acquisition Department. Additionally, agencies may only submit candidates to positions that they have been engaged to work on by a Grifols Recruiter. All resumes must be sent to a Grifols Recruiter under these terms or they will be considered a Grifols candidate.

Location: NORTH AMERICA : Canada : MB-Winnipeg : CAWINNIP - Winnipeg

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This job is no longer accepting applications

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