AI Integration Project Manager



Software Engineering, Operations, Data Science
Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024
At Novartis Switzerland, the AI Integration Project Manager is central to the success of our AI-driven technological advancements in the pharmaceutical sector. This role is specifically designed to complement and enhance the work of our AI Architect and Developer roles, ensuring that their innovative AI solutions are effectively translated into tangible business outcomes.

The main purpose of this position is to strategically manage and guide AI projects from concept through to deployment, aligning closely with the company’s strategic objectives. The AI Integration Project Manager will work with the AI Architect and Developers, facilitating their efforts in designing and implementing AI models, and ensuring these models are successfully integrated and operational on the Azure cloud platform.

In this role, you'll positively impact on our ability to effectively and efficiently support medical professional queries, ensuring patients receive the best care faster than ever before!

Key responsibilities include:

• Strategic Project Leadership: Overseeing AI projects, ensuring they are in line with Novartis’ strategic vision, and effectively bridging the gap between AI technical development and business application. Supports flawless scaling across Region Europe countries based on aligned project plan
• Resource and Deployment Management: Collaborating closely with the AI Architect and Developer roles for the seamless deployment and management of AI models on Azure, optimizing for performance, scalability, and security
• Multi-functional Collaboration and Integration: Enhancing team alignment by fostering close collaboration among multi-functional teams, including data scientists, software developers, and other business leaders, to ensure AI solutions are well-integrated into Novartis’ systems and processes
• Innovation Facilitation: Supporting the AI Architect and Developer roles in their pursuit of innovation and problem-solving, ensuring that new AI-driven solutions contribute to business growth, customer engagement, and maintain Novartis’ competitive edge in the market
• Research and Development Advocacy: Promoting a culture of continuous learning and development, staying abreast of the latest AI trends and advancements, and integrating these insights into project strategies