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QIAGEN N.V., through its subsidiaries, provides technologies and products for preanalytical sample preparation and linked molecular assay solutions. The company also supplies diagnostic kits, tests, and assays for human and veterinary molecular diagnostics. Technologies Sample Technologies: The companyâ€s sample technologies provide access to the content of biological samples. These include solutions for the collection, stabilization, purification, handling and storage of any analyte (deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA), and protein) from any sample (blood, bone, and tissue). Assay Technologies: The companyâ€s assay technologies include reagents which enable the detection of such purified target analytes, such as the DNA sequence from a specific virus, from a purified sample. It also provided closed assays, in which such assay technologies have been pre-configured to test for specific targets, such as the influenza virus, hepatitis, HIV, HPV or herpes. Products The company has developed a portfolio of approximately 500 proprietary, consumable products, and automated solutions for sample collection, nucleic acid and protein handling, separation, and purification, as well as open and target specific assays. The main categories of its products include: Consumables: The companyâ€s consumable products include its sample and assay technologies. Sample technologies are used to collect, stabilize, isolate and purify DNA, RNA and proteins from biological samples, such as blood or tissue. Assay technologies like its amplification consumables or molecular diagnostic assays are used to make such isolated biomolecules visible. The company offers its sample and assay consumable products in kit form. These kits contain necessary reagents and buffers, and a technical handbook that includes a protocol and background information. Major applications for the companyâ€s consumable products are plasmid, DNA purification; RNA purification and stabilization; genomic and viral nucleic acid purification; nucleic acid transfection; polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification; reverse transcription; DNA cleanup after PCR and sequencing; DNA cloning and protein purification. It offers validated PCR assays which allow PCR-based detection of viral, bacterial and parasite, human and animal pathogens, as well as pharmacogenomic genotyping. In 2007, the company acquired Digene Corporation and began offering the HC2 HPV Test, a signal amplified test for the Human Papillomavirus for use in cervical cancer screening programs. Instrumentation: The companyâ€s automated systems automate the consumables in low, medium or high throughput scale, as well as reaction set-up, allowing customers to perform low- to high-throughput nucleic acid sample preparation, assay setup and other laboratory tasks. The companyâ€s automated systems offer walk-away automation of sample and assay technologies in low, medium or high throughput scale, as well as reaction set-up and other laboratory tasks.

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